What is Soft Washing?


Soft washing is a safe and very effective low pressure cleaning method. It allows cleaning and sanitizing from the safety of the ground using low pressure equipment that will effectively clean and sanitize exterior surfaces with soft washing chemical.


Soft washing takes a scientific approach to cleaning by using quality eco-friendly Softwash products blended for all kinds of projects.


Soft washing is the science behind organic growth; this gives a greater understanding into the most likely causes of organic growth and discolouration. Most of the dirt on properties is living organic bio film or carbon.


Soft wash treatments will treat the root cause of the growths, and kill the spores, without damaging the property or harming the environment in any way. Soft washing treats unwanted biological growth and fungus, moss, red and green algae, bacteria, lichen, pollen, mold and other forms of embedded growth on an exterior surface without high pressure.


By using low pressure pumps to clean and rinse with minimal pressures. Soft washing is the fastest and very effective hard surface cleaning method in the UK market producing excellent results. 


It does not “bio accumulate” and breaks down rapidly on contact with soil to give it a very low environmental footprint. So once dry it is harmless to children and pets.

How is Soft washing different to pressure washing?


Pressure washing is when you use high pressure water to remove mold, algae, lichen, moss, and other contaminants from any surface. Pressure washing will give you immediate results that look good however they may last for a short period of time. Traditional power washing methods rely on high pressures to literally, blast dirt and grime from the surface. Unfortunately a high pressure jet wash can sometimes cause  irreversible damage when not used properly and cause unwanted effects if used incorrectly or used on the wrong surface.


Soft washing  advantages over power washing:


Uses less water

Longer lasting results

Little noise

Is safe for all known building materials

More cost effective clean

Kills the spores left behind by pressure washing

Does not damage the surface or exaggerate the weathering affect


Softwashing uPVC is safe, extremely effective, and means dirt and other stains will take longer to build up in the future. It won't damage windows or seals either.


UPVC conservatories, guttering, fascia's, and door or window frames. The nature of these plastic surfaces means that staining can accumulate over time, and cannot be easily removed effectively with high pressure washing. High pressure washing can also pose damage risks to windows and glass, and misdirected jets of water can enter through unsealed surfaces even if the doors and windows are otherwise shut, resulting in interior damage. High pressure washing can also blast and damage guttering, furthering the risk of damp and excess water penetrating through potentially compromised surfaces. 

The stains and growths on uPVC surfaces are difficult to remove and difficult to clean.  UPVC surfaces are frequently blighted with bacterial or algae growth,  Our extendable water fed poles operate up to 50 feet.  

The costs associated with working at height tend to be premium, but our specialised blend of detergents clean uPVC plastics while killing and eliminating the organic causes of discolouration and staining. This obviates the need for repeat investments and interventions, because once your uPVC has been cleaned with a softwash, it stays cleaner for longer. This saving gives you maximum return on your spend, a building with maximum curb appeal, and gutters safely cleaned  that are no longer at risk of causing damp.



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