Softwashing can clean your fascia and keep it clean longer than ordinary pressure washing. It's safe, environmentally sound, and very effective.

Dirty fascias can really bring down the appearance of a building. Constantly facing the elements, they are subject to wear and can stain quite quickly. 

High pressure washing is not recommended for cleaning fascias, High pressure also risks damaging nearby windows and guttering when cleaning fascias. As high pressure jets are only effective on close proximity to the surfaces being cleaned, they are generally much more expensive than softwashing too, as the costs of energy and working at height are greater for high pressure cleaning.

The windowcleaner will clean fascias from the ground if at all possible, in order to protect your privacy. It is also cheaper, as there are none of the costs associated with working at height such as erecting scaffold, and the energy costs are kept low too. 

Our customers find that fascias cleaned by The Windowcleaner Softwashing look brilliant, and the effects of a softwash last for three times longer than a high pressure wash. With magnificent results and lower costs than our competitors.


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