how normal tap water is Purified 

Contaminants in water are measure by parts per million Normal tap water has around 250 to 300 parts per million contaminates to produce pure water these contaminates must be reduced.


Firstly, tap water is fed through a 2-micron filter and then a 1-micron filter (this removes debris in the water – and creates a fine silt on the filters)

The water then proceeds through a carbon filter this removes the chlorine that water company’s infuse tap water with the next stage is for the water to pass through a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water purification technology that uses fine membranes to remove ions, molecules and larger particles from the water and finally the water passes through a virgin mixed bed ion exchange resin to capture anything that may be left when this process is completed the water that “Thewindowcleaner.biz” uses to clean windows with has around 0 to 5 parts per million impurities

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