About Pure Water

Pure water is rarely found in nature due to its ability to absorb minerals and contaminates from its surrounding environment.

Water in our taps is filtered to meet the national water quality standards.

This water is safe to drink, but it still retains a level of mineral content, giving water its unique taste

When this water dry’s, these minerals are left behind, causing spotting and watermarks. They are too heavy to evaporate.

Remove these minerals and the pure water will evaporate completely leaving no spotting and no watermarks.

When the water is pure, this absorption rate is significantly increased, easily removing the dust and dirt commonly found on glazing.

It may take two to three cleans to remove any build-up of dirt and grime, "Thewindowcleaner.biz" makes every effort to ensure that during these early cleans that the only thing noticed will be a significant improvement in the overall look of your windows – "Thewindowcleaner.biz" stands by the quality of work and any problems will be rectified as soon as they are reported.



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