Cleaning a conservatory roof is tricky. Softwashing is an ideal alternative to risky pressure washing and it will take longer for the stains and mould to come back.

Conservatories are delicate and sensitive structures that require a high degree of up-keep to maintain their appearance, yet they are easy to damage and expensive to repair. High pressure cleaning is most unsuitable for removing the moulds, mosses, and other organic growths that blight conservatory roofs, as it poses a high risk of damage. Many of our customers have tried at first to to clean their conservatory themselves, using household cleaning products. Unfortunately these products can cause damage to the coatings and seals that the conservatory manufacturer has applied to the glass or polycarbonate to shield from UV rays. Reaching all parts of the roof is hazardous and difficult too, requiring specialist equipment and expertise. Removing moss or mould without the correct disinfectant requires frequent intervention later, when the mould regrows, and no one wants to be up and down a ladder.

The Windowcleaner uses, a gentle water cleaning system, and specialised chemicals to  provide conservatories with a lasting cleanliness and transparent shine. Our conservatory wash uses extremely low pressures and a gentle water flow to take every precaution against damage. We use extendable water fed poles and ladders designed not to exert unnecessary pressure on glass walls, windows, and roofs, and with these we are able to reach and cleanse all parts of the structure safely from the ground, or suitable platform.   

Our conservatory cleaning is gentle, thorough, and long-lasting.


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