Signs cleaned by softwashing are not just left sparkling clean and clear. That ‘just cleaned’ look will also last for longer than conventionally washed signage.

The Windowcleaner comes from a retail service industry background and understands the need for clean signage. Clean signs are essential for branding and for getting your business noticed in a competitive world where impressions matter.  A sign can be made dirty by a number of factors, both organic and inorganic, depending on their location. Algae growing on signs, traffic fumes, dust, graffiti, and bird droppings can all contribute to a sign becoming illegible. While in most instances a high pressure wash will not damage signs, a softwash is often the better option because the results usually last three times longer, and our low pressure mobile units bring their own power and water supply to even remote locations.


At Softwashing UK, we usually find that we are called on initially to clean signs once crisis point has been reached, due to legibility becoming a major issue. It is better to act before this point, and we advise regular sign maintenance. Our customers, in all areas of our business, tend to be repeat customers. Once a customer has seen for themselves how long our results last because of our blended softwash detergents, and experienced our highly competitive prices due to lower energy costs, they come back again and again.


We work with the customer to ensure No disruption to customers, even if this means outside normal operational times.


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